Bodicote Garden Design & Build

Bodicote Garden Design & Build

Bodicote Garden Design & Build

A small walled garden located in the heart of Bodicote village as a garden design & build near Banbury, Oxfordshire. Originally this garden was covered in a multitude of different levels of hard landscaping. The brief was to create a cottage garden planting scheme with an emphasis on roses and herbaceous perennials. The Large bay tree, Olive and Corkscrew willow were all part of the original garden. The original garden had to be cleared using 8 skips just to clear the waste and rubbish.

The Garden Features

The new garden features the following to provide interest for the seasons

  • A raised bed in natural stone to create a tiered planting shelf along the western boundary of the garden
  • Western boundary wall was completely re-pointed with a lime mortar
  • Installation of a raised pool in local stone with a slate coping stone
  • Installation of a stone raised bed around the original olive tree now under planted with garden herbs
  • Block paving edge around the lawn to create a mowing strip
  • Installation of garden trellis and small raised beds
  • Installation of garden lighting for evening entertaining
  • To date the garden has now been planted in excess of 300 spring flowering bulbs
  • We now provide a garden maintenance and lawn treatment service to this garden to keep it in peak condition.

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Contact us for your FREE Garden design and build consultation in Bodicote, We have created quite few new gardens in the village of late and also maintain a selection of gardens here too. FREE advice as always

Bodicote Garden Design & Build Bodicote Garden Design & Build Bodicote Garden Design & Build Bodicote Garden Design & Build  Bodicote Garden Design & Build Bodicote Garden Design & Build

Bodicote Garden Design & Build Bodicote Garden Design & Build

Beauty, Reliability, Respect & Excellence

Beauty, Reliability, Respect & Excellence

Nicholas Macartney

Nicholas the Owner of Alexander John and has been in the gardening industry since horticultural college. Nicholas meets all new customers and creates the garden designs, planting schemes and looks after the admin side of the business. Nicholas does get involved with the actual planting and overall maintenance when required. He confesses himself as a Plantaholic and is often referred to as a Walking Talking plant encyclopedia by clients and colleagues. He has had a long fascination and interest in plants and gardens from an early age. Creation of planting schemes that stir the senses yet stay in control on client brief as much as possible. He also has a wide portfolio of suppliers for landscaping materials based here in the UK and will often source bespoke products or made to order items as finishing touches for garden dressing.

The plants are usually the primary and dominant aspect of any installation that ties the garden together and plants are often sourced from some major UK growers and small independent nurseries. On the gardens requiring Instant Impact planting then plants and trees will be sourced from Italy, France, Germany, Holland and Belgium. Nicks favourite gardens to design are small gardens as they offer the opportunity to pack a lot of interest into a small space.

Nicholas has a few favourite plants he would love to have in his own garden but due to climatic conditions is unable to grow them. When he has the ability to put these into a clients garden he excels in convincing the client this is a must-have plant.  We have a large network of related trades we work and liaises on the garden builds and installations with the planting schemes and then ongoing maintenance schedules should the clients require this service. We are happy to answer gardening questions or meet for just a catchup on chores the client should be doing in the garden whatever the season.

We are always available to provide a FREE initial garden consultation to discuss ideas on a garden space or simply just how a garden border planting scheme could be improved. If any of the above strikes a chord of interest with you and you would like to discuss with your garden then simply get in touch and Contact us at the bottom of this page. Happy Gardening.


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